How much money can I earn by participating?

This depends on the duration of the study and the subject. The incentives are between 20 and 100 euros. This will always be communicated in advance.

Do I get cash or a gift voucher?

This depends on the study. Usually you get the money transferred to your bank account, in some cases you get a goodie bag or a gift voucher. The value of the reward and the type is always indicated in the emails and the survey.

When will I receive my incentive?

When we transfer the incentive, you usually have it in your bank account within 2 weeks after the study. If the incentive is a gift voucher or goodie bag, you will receive it immediately afterwards.

Do I have to declare the incentive to the tax authorities?

Yes, but only if you earn above a certain amount per year. More information can be found on the website of the tax authorities.

Travel expenses

Do you reimburse my travel expenses?

This depends on the study. Whether your travel and / or parking costs are reimbursed is always stated in the invitation and the survey.

When will I receive the travel and / or parking costs?

We transfer the travel and / or parking costs within 2 weeks after the study.

Do I have to keep my parking ticket?

No, we calculate your journey and parking costs per study. So you don’t have to save your receipts.

How are my travel costs calculated?

We calculate the travel costs based on the departure location and type of transport specified by you. We reimburse 15 cents per kilometer, based on the fastest route on Google Maps.

Subscribing & invitations

How can I participate in your studies?

Subscribe to our panel and receive invitations for current studies. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn to keep an eye on our current studies.

Why do you want to know so much about me?

If we know more about you, we can search more effectively. For example, if we have a car insurance study and we know you have a car, we are more likely to invite you to the study.

What are the questions in a screener for?

Through these questions we try to find out if you match the criteria of the target group. So, if we invite you, it doesn’t mean you are within the desired target group.

I want to participate more often, is that possible?

Yes, by giving more information you have a better chance of being invited.

How can I add more details to my profile?

After completing a screener you have the opportunity to add details to your profile

Can I expect lot’s of emails after subscribing?

Don’t be afraid, we only send a few invitations per year!

I have signed up for a study, when do I hear if I can participate?

After we have received enough registrations, we will make a schedule. This is usually one week before the study. When we have spoken to you, we will always send a confirmation by e-mail. If you don’t hear anything after signing up, we unfortunately cannot schedule you for the study.

I have signed up, why didn’t I hear something?

There might be various reasons. You don’t match the criteria of the target group or the specified times did not fit the schedule. Due to the high number of registrations that we receive, it unfortunately isn’t possible to cancel everyone who is not eligible.


Do I have to prepare something?

With most studies you don’t have to prepare anything. With some studies we ask you to do a number of assignments in advance. You hear about this in advance or we mention it in the invitation.

How many times can I participate?

You can participate once every six months. You may therefore not receive invitations for a while.

I have already confirmed but can no longer participate, what should I do?

It is of course possible that something more important has come up. Let us know as soon as possible and preferably by telephone, so we can still find a replacement.

What does such a study look like?

We have different kinds of research. Mostly one-to-one interviews where we view a website and ask for your opinion. It sometimes happens that we invite you for a group conversation or interview over the telephone.

Where do the studies take place?

The studies are usually at our own location in Amsterdam, The Hague or Groningen, but we also regularly look for participants for surveys in other places in the country. A telephone interview is of course possible from any location, as long as there is not too much noise.

What are the studies about?

The studies always have a “digital” character. In other words, the subject will often include a website or an app. The subject is always different. The invitation usually contains the subject.

Privacy & unsubscribing

How do you take care of my privacy?

For privacy please take a look at: Privacy policy.

How can I unsubscribe?

Each invitation e-mail contains a button to unsubscribe. You can also send an email to wervingen@happypanel.nl.

What happens with my data after unsubscribing?

See the privacy page for a more detailed description of how we handle your data when you are subscribed, but also when you unsubscribe.