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Signing up

Niet vullen!!

Niet vullen

Why would I sign up for Happy Panel?

We can write a book about that, but we’ll keep it short. Firstly, it’s just a lot of fun. You can give your opinion, share your experience. Based on that, companies can improve the sites and apps you use. Moreover: You’ll see new products of big brands before they put them on the market. And last but not least, you’ll get a nice reward of €20 to €100 – depending on the research.

How can I take part in research / interviews?

Very simple: Sign up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll automatically get invites for research that suits you. We send out these invites through mail. In that mail we ask you to fill out a short survey. Based on your input, we decide if there is a match. If so, we call you to plan the interview. 

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to keep an eye on pending research studies and sign up proactively.

How often will you invite me for research?

Once we have a research study that suits you, you’ll get an email. No worries: We won’t flood you. You’ll get a couple of emails per year.

I sign up for research regularly. Why do I not get invited?

There are many possible reasons for that. Maybe your profile didn’t match what we were looking for. Maybe your availability didn’t match our planning. Because of the high number of sign ups, we can’t give everybody that was not selected an explanation.

I want to participate more often, is that possible?

Yes. By filling out more details in your profile your chances of getting invited increase. Besides that, you can choose to sign up for our research studies proactively through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

I want to leave the panel. How can I sign out?

Very easy. You only have to send an email to hello@happypanel.nl with your first and last name. Then we’ll make sure to remove you from our panel and delete all your data.


Niet vullen!!

Niet vullen

What kind of research does Happy Panel do?

We facilitate all kinds of research. From group interviews, to UX tests and one-on-one in-depth interviews.

Simply put: we do interviews. Mostly one-on-one. But sometimes in a group. You sit together with a researcher. You go through a site or app based on some tasks. And you let us know what you think, what goes well, and what could be better. Sometimes we do the interviews face-to-face in our lab in Amsterdam, sometimes we do it online.

What’s the topic of the research / the interviews?

Typically, you’ll test a site or an app. The AH or NS app, for instance. An innovative idea of a new start-up. Or Tommy Hilfiger’s webshop. It can be anything, but we’ll always make sure that it suits you.

Do I have to prepare anything for the interview?

For most interviews you don’t have to prepare anything. However, sometimes we ask you to do some ‘homework’ in advance. If that’s the case, you’ll obviously get a higher amount of money.

What are my responsibilities as a participant?

We expect you to take the research seriously. That means you live up to our agreement and make sure you’re in time for the interview. If something comes up and you can’t participate anymore, let us know as soon as possible. Besides, we expect you to do your best during the interview. You’ll get a few tasks and we expect you to conduct those seriously and honestly. Pretty simple, right?

How often can I participate in research?

Typically once per quarter. Which comes down to four times per year. This way we make sure everybody in our panel gets an honest chance to participate. Sometimes we make an exception to this rule – when we need a participant last-minute, for instance.

I’ve signed up for research, when do I hear if I’m selected?

Once we’ve received enough registrations for a particular research, we make a planning. We usually do that one week before the interview day. If you’re selected for the research, we’ll contact you by phone to set everything up. If you’re not selected, you’ll get an email.

I’ve confirmed participation, but I can’t come anymore. What should I do?

No worries. Shit happens. Please let us know as soon as possible that you can’t come anymore. Preferably by phone. This way we can still find a substitute for you.


Niet vullen!!

Niet vullen

How much money can I make by taking part?

In between 20 and 100 euros. The exact amount depends on the type of research and how long the interview takes. For instance: For a one hour interview you’ll get paid more than for an interview that only lasts 30 minutes.

When do I get my reward?

As soon as possible. The money will be in your account no later than two weeks after the interview. For some interviews you won’t get cash, but a ‘VVV bon’ – if that’s the case, we’ll let you know beforehand. You’ll get the VVV bon right after your interview.

Do you compensate for my travel expenses if the interview is in your lab in Amsterdam?

Yes. Do you come with public transportation? We’ll compensate your ticket in full. Do you come by car? Then you’ll get 15 cents per kilometer. We’ll also pay for your parking costs. You’ll get your compensation together with your reward, no later than two weeks after your interview.

Do I have to pay taxes on my reward?

That depends. The money you’ll receive for participating in our research is categorized as allowance expenses. As long as you make less than €200 a year in allowance expenses, you don’t have to pay taxes. You are responsible to file your compensation and reward with the tax authorities.


Niet vullen!!

Niet vullen

Why do you want to know so much about me?

The more we know about the people in our panel, the easier it gets to select the right participants for research. Let’s say we want to interview people about car insurances. If we know that you have a car, you’re probably going to be a good fit. That’s why we might ask very specific questions.

How will you guarantee my privacy?

We make sure all your details are safe. How exactly? You can read that in our privacy statement. Do you want to leave our panel? And do you want us to remove all your data? Just send an email to hello@happypanel.nl and we’ll take care of it right away

What happens with the results of the research?

The interviews will be analyzed by researchers. They’ll observe what you say and do and translate your input into insights. Based on those insights the concerning company can improve their site or app. To make sure it works more smoothly and suits the needs of their customers – of you – even better. And no worries: All insights are fully anonymous. So whatever you say can never be traced back to you.