Terms - Being a panel member

Version: July 29, 2022

About Happy Panel

Happy Panel is specialized in research into digital media. We do this research on behalf of or together with our clients.

We always do research with the actual users of the products we test. To be able to determine whether that’s you, we ask you some questions. We invite you for studies based on your answers. In addition, we show our client (with anonymized) profile information why you are a suitable participant for the research. If you participate in a study, audio and video recordings can be made. We use these to see how a product or service can be further improved. Continue reading for more detailed information about how we handle your data.

We will never sell personal information to other parties or use it for marketing purposes.

When you sign up into our panel

It is important to us to invite the right people to our studies. For that we must be able to rely on the information you provide to us. If you subscribe to our panel, we agree that the information you provide is correct. If it turns out that your profile information is incorrect, we have the right to unsubscribe or no longer approach you for research.

The data we process and the way we process it

When you respond to an invitation to participate in a study

It is important to us that we select the right people for our studies. That is why we ask a number of questions with which we determine whether you belong to the target group. We must be able to rely on the information you provide to us. If you register to participate in a study, we therefore agree that the answers you provide are correct.

Data we process and the way we process it

When you participate in a study

When you participate in a Happy Panel study you help us improve the user-friendliness of a website / app / product or service. You are not the subject of the research. Yet there are a number of things that you need to know and agree with before you can participate in the research.

By confirming your participation, you agree that:

Data we process and the way we process it

What else you need to know

We only place functional and analytical cookies

If you use our websites, we will in some cases place cookies on your computer. We do this to keep track of which questionnaires you have already completed and to make our website work optimally. We also place cookies in order to keep track of - anonymous - analytical data about the use of our websites.

We do not place tracking cookies that can track your surfing behavior on other websites, nor do we use tracking cookies from other parties.


We use secure connections for all information that you provide to us via happypanel.nl. Your profile information is stored encrypted in secure data centers and remains within the European Union. We have data processing agreements with the suppliers of our digital systems to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality. Happy Panel remains responsible at all times for the confidentiality and security of the personal data that you have provided to us.

All employees of Happy Panel are bound by their employment contract to treat your data confidentially, and are regularly explained about the procedures with regard to handling personal data.

If you unsubscribe, we will delete your information

If you respond to a questionnaire or participate in a study, we will keep your personal data for up to 3 months after completing the research project. If you have chosen to register as a panel member, we will keep your profile information as long as you remain subscribed into our panel.

You can decide at any time that we should delete your data earlier, and request us to do so. In both cases, we delete or anonymize all personal data stored up to that point, with the exception of transaction data of incentives or reimbursements that you have received from us. We do not keep these transaction data longer than legally required.

You can always request what information we have collected about you

If you want to view your data, contact us via the contact details below. Explain as clearly as possible which data you want to view, and submit proof of your identity to us. If it appears that we have incorrect information about you in our systems, we will adjust this at your request. We can only provide access to personal information if we are sure that we will provide it to the right person. We always process a request for inspection within 1 working week.

Not happy with how we process your data?

Let us know as soon as possible. We will do our utmost best to find a suitable solution. If we cannot find a solution, you can of course always submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) or an applicable court.



You can contact the data protection officer of Happy Panel via:

Joris Leker
+31 20 626 00 29
Prins Hendrikkade 22, 1012 TM Amsterdam, The Netherlands, afdeling privacy.